If you’re thinking should I post what I made in Made in Wakefield? The answer is YES, every time. Sometimes us humans don’t even realise we’re being creative. Whether you’re writing your next novel or cooking something from your leftovers for tea, you are being creative. Whether you’re an adult planning how to decorate your front room or a child scribbling on a drawing pad (or a newly decorated wall!) you’re being creative. If you’re in the moment, the flow, making something that didn’t exist before, you’re being creative. All these things should be shared in Made in Wakefield. If you’re planning an event where people can get in the flow, are encouraged to play and be curious, (and that’s preferably free and for all ages) you should post in Made in Wakefield. If you’re showcasing others’ creativity, at WHATEVER level, from charity cup cake making to master artists, you should post in Made in Wakefield.

We are conditioned at school to conform to a certain way of being, a sure fire way to become a successful human, and we all believe it. Why wouldn’t we? We are all children after all, sponges, waiting to be moulded into whatever our experiences and influences choose to make us. Curiosity, play, thinking, creativity become less important the older we get. We are told we will not receive any gain from pursuing these ways of life. Better to conform to a set way of thinking, a job description life, to guarantee ‘success’ as a person, a member of the human race, in accordance with standards already set by another member of the same race (usually financial, mostly superficial). It is a challenge set by yourself to be creative, to allow yourself the time to pursue the most human of activities, to ignore all the self perpetuated pressures of life, washing, shopping, working for someone else, and take an hour to let the mind wander to an undefined, unplanned destination. The destination that makes creative thought inevitable.

It is also a challenge to recognise and be proud of when you are creative. We often think we’re not good enough, there’s others better than us, we are not worthy players, we should go away and stop wasting everyone’s time. Well, you ARE good enough, there is NO ONE better than you, you ARE worthy, and I’d love to waste my time on you, because, simply, you are a Homo-Sapian. We are known for our amazingly complex and creative brains. It is the reason we are the most ‘successful’ species on this Pale Blue Dot of a planet. Next time you’re cooking dinner, doodling on your cappuccino napkin, building with Lego, gathering words in new ways, collecting colours in one space, crafting sounds with your most unique and intricate of hearing processes (your ears), or, most importantly, PLAYING and EXPERIMENTING, be assured we want you to post the results in Made in Wakefield. We are interested and happy that you’ve managed to achieve the flow in this most demanding of lives and we want to celebrate the fact you’ve achieved that. Nobody and nothing can tell you what is creative, what is art. It is a fundamentally human thing to do and EVERYONE can do it. Be proud of it, don’t take it for granted, and share. Made in Wakefield is made by YOU!

STILL unsure if you’re being creative or not?
John Cleese made this wonderful speech about how to get in the creative flow of things. And no, you don’t have to be a professional (god-like-genius) writer for this to apply to you…

But only children play. It’s not for adults. Big fat WRONG! Be better at being an adult by playing more…

Get posting!


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