Equal Degradation

Thinking Chimp (Helen Rhodes) live at the Snooty Fox, Wakefield, as part of the Tins for Tunes gig at the Snooty Fox to raise food for the local food bank. WARNING: Contains swearing, drinking, but no nudity.

Dear Theresa May, Prime Minister of my country…

Dear Theresa May, if you hate humans so much why did you become a politician?
And why, Theresa May, would this be a legacy you want to be responsible for: the backwards leaver, destroying any hope of a united human race?
Are you really that scared of him, Theresa May? You’d let our country once again be subservient to the cause of humanity’s downfall?
And, as a woman, Theresa May, why would you condemn your gender to the repression of a hundred years ago, flicking the Vs at the brave women who fought for you so you could become a leader of our country? 
When did you lose yourself?